Our Organization

Community Helpers is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors representing contributing organizations, churches and the community at large. Paid staff includes a director, who also serves as a caseworker, a caseworker, a bookkeeper and a receptionist.

2016/2017 Executive Officers

Josh Markham, President

Veronica Buchanan, Vice President

Fabrienne Wade, Treasurer

Ellen Himebaugh, Secretary

Board of Directors

Amy Byers

John Callow

Jamie Caskey

Richard Detmer

Wayne Gensemer

George Huddleston, Jr.

Frank Jennings

Lucinda Lea

Phillip Robinson

James Robbins

Robbie Snapp

Chris Warren

Charity Circle Liaisons

Leslie Atkins

Lisa Halliburton


Lovita Greer, Director

Beverly Estes, Bookkeeper

Brenda Johnson, Case Worker

Lisa Gerard, Intake Receptionist


Ms. Jo Call